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Creating your own Cozie App


The documentation available under Creating your own Cozie are based on the older Fitbit SDK. However, the main differences is a slightly altered folder structure. Hence, it should also be mostly applicable to the Cozie for the new SDK.

If you want to modify the Cozie clock face for Fitbit you should have a basic understanding of HTML and at least intermediate skills of JavaScript.

For the case that you just want to add your own watch survey, you need to be able to edit a JSON file.

Cozie Fitbit requires a backend that receives the survey responses. We provide such capability. However, there is no guarantee of service. If you want to deploy Cozie in your own experiment, we recommend that you setup your own backend. Alternatively, you might reach out to Clayton to negotiate the service level.

If you create you own watch survey or even your own version of Cozie, we recommend to fork the GitHub repository for Cozie Fitbit


You can also reach out to Clayton or PJ for consulting support.