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Extracting Data from Cozie

Extracting Data

Data can be extracted via our web API:

ParameterDescription / Value
API KeybUiB1HqmrK2eDBNqhsuGmaxrUKL1od8c3Qo6LJij
experiment-id The name you set in the cozie settings above (required)
user-idThe user-id set above (optional, if not included all users are extracted)
weeksWeeks of data (optional, default is 2 weeks)

Extracting Data with Python

The Python script below is all you need to download data logged with the Cozie clock face.. Make sure to configure at leaset EXPERIMENT_ID and PARTICIPANT before executing the script.

# Import Python modules
import requests
import pandas as pd
import json

# Config
PARTICIPANT_ID = 'alpha01'
YOUR_TIMEZONE = 'Asia/Singapore'

# Assemble request
payload = {'experiment_id': EXPERIMENT_ID, 'weeks': NO_WEEKS, 'user_id': PARTICIPANT_ID}
headers = {"Accept": "application/json", 'x-api-key': 'bUiB1HqmrK2eDBNqhsuGmaxrUKL1od8c3Qo6LJij'} # Test API key limited to 200 requests per day

# Query data
response = requests.get('', params=payload, headers=headers)

# Convert response to Pandas dataframe
my_json = response.content.decode('utf8').replace("'", '"')
data = json.loads(my_json)
df = pd.read_json(data[1]['data']).T
df.index = df.index.tz_localize('UTC').tz_convert(YOUR_TIMEZONE)