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Installing Cozie

  • Install the Fitbit app from the app store of you choice:
  • Install the Cozie clock face by going to this link on your cellphone, and let it auto direct towards the app & clock face gallery in the Fitbit app.
  • Set up Cozie
    • In the clock face configurations configure to the following parameters:
    • User ID: This is an anonymous-id to identify the user that you create
    • Experiment ID: This is an experiment-id to identify the experiment that your results belong to. You will use this ID to query the results later. You create this unique identifier
    • Questions: Set the questions that you plan on asking.
  • Sync the Fitbit app with your your Fitbit watch. This will transfer the settings configured above to the cozie clock face on your Fitbit watch. Make sure that Bluetooth is on, and your Fitbit is close by and connected. Syncing the Fitbit can ensure that the settings persist from the phone to watch.
  • Deploy Cozie